Police clarify identity confusion over Mandan murder suspect

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 5:27 PM CDT
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In the rush to share information about the arrest of Chad Isaak on social media, some people misidentified the suspect and posted pictures of two chiropractors who had nothing to do with the case.

Isaak was arrested Thursday in Washburn and has been charged in the murder of four people at RJR Maintenance and Management on April 1.

Steven Nagel and Erik Isaacson were both shown online, instead of Isaak.

This unfortunate Internet mistake was caught fairly quickly due to local family and friends identifying both men and validating their identities.

Nagel says he commends the Mandan Police Department for posting photos that corrected the error before things got out of hand.

“It's too bad that they had to go and clean up other people's mess. My initial thought was why don't people think about things before they go and start throwing stuff out there,” said Nagel.

Isaacson issued a statement saying he's grateful for a strong community.

Both men state they hope that the victims’ families are given space to heal.

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