North Dakota National Guard adjusts to new challenges

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 9:25 PM CDT
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The North Dakota National Guard has their own challenges to face as social distancing and new safety protocols settle in.

The first stop was at Fraine Barracks to talk to the Air National Guard where we had to go through some checks.

Out front of the building is a trailer where a service member takes your temperature and asks you about symptoms. Once you've cleared that, you get in the building. They've been helping provide that in other areas as well.

"So what we've been doing in the community of course is supplementing state and local government in preparing different sorts of supplies, doing screening, testing. All that sort of stuff." said Tech Sgt. Erik Rustvang, recruiter.

Normally recruiters would be going to schools to give exercises like this. Since schools have been canceled, recruiters have to focus more on social media and video calls.

"Telework from home, we've been able to build more of a social media presence. Kids are already out there, they're on social media, we've just had to tailor our approach," said Rustvang.

Against the odds, enlistments for both the Air and Army Guard are above average this month.

"The benefits that the Army National Guard has to offer haven't changed. When this all comes to an end kids are still going to need to go to college, and those things don't change. Some people want to learn a new skill, supplement an income. Those benefits are still there," said Staff Sgt. Brett Gentile, recruiter.

Not every recruitment center gets to have a trailer out front, but they've increased how much they clean their offices and limit the number of people that can come in.