Zombies run through downtown Minot

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MINOT, ND - Zombies made their way into downtown Minot this evening.

Zombies were chasing runners throughout the streets of Downtown Minot, through Roosevelt Park and back trying to steal their flags.

If you made it through the whole run with at least one flag left, you have survived.

Volunteers worked countless hours to make sure this was a memorable experience for the magic city.

The YWCA says they want to involve the community with a fun event and also have it benefit the homeless shelter.

"We had such a great turn out. I believe this is something Minot will have for years to come. So that's great for us. So much hard work has been put into this. We have just about 50 volunteers. Our board members have been wonderful and they worked so hard to make this a great event" Lauren Moore, Executive Director​

All of the proceeds will support the YWCA Minot women and children's homeless shelter.