Youth football team lends a hand at the zoo

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BISMARCK A different kind of Bengal was at the Bismarck zoo today, and this kind does community service.

The Bengal Tiger is one of nature's most dangerous hunters, weighing in anywhere from 200-300 Ibs. on average.

The Bengal Football player is undefeated at 5-0, weighs in at about 98 Ibs, and knows what it's like to take a hit.

"It kinda hurts when you get up, cause you just got leveled pretty seriously, and you just feel good cause you know what it means to play football," said Tevyn Freidt, Bengals Left-Tackle.

The Bengals are one of the teams in the Bismarck Midgets Football league, a league for kids ten to twelve years of age. The Bengals here are learning about teamwork.

"One of the great things too that we do here is to emphasize community service, that's an important component of every person's life and we can introduce kids to it at this level here while doubling as a team-building exercise, while we're having fun. That's all great stuff," said Bill Prokopyk, Bengals coach.

The league gives kids access to football, so they can get some experience before they join a school team.

"I was waiting till at least middle school to play football, but then I got a chance to play earlier so I could be ready for middle school," said Freidt.

For those that want to come and cheer on their favorites all games are held at Hughes Football Field in Bismarck.

The next games are September 7 starting at 9:15 am.