Youth Residential Services closed in Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The only publicly-funded addiction treatment program for teens in North Dakota closed at the end of January.

West Central Human Service Center was one of very few sites around the state that offered the program at a reduced cost.

The program had only had five admissions in the last six months, compared to 23 in the same time frame last year.

"It's the only public one of it's kind of that level of care offered in the state. There are private entities that also offer this level of care or have the ability to offer this level of care," said Brad Brown, the West Central Human Service Center Regional Director.

The service was offered in Bismarck to youth statewide, it helped those with behavioral issues and addiction problems, but most of the teens referred to the program were from the east side of the state.

"Where are these youth coming from that are being referred to that program? And I think that will help drive where we shift our resources to to make sure we're meeting the needs of these youth," said Brown.

The new site will likely be in Fargo, however there are no immediate plans for restarting the program.

The contract with the facility that provided the seven beds expired at midnight on Jan. 31.