Youth Correction Center takes precautions to continue in-person classes

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BISAMRCK, N.D. - The Youth Correctional Center in Mandan is making changes to adapt its safety precautions in response to COVID-19 concerns.

On campus in-person classes are continuing as usual with the addition of some new safety precautions.

The Youth Correction Center has 32 students that live and attend classes on campus.

YCC leaders say the new precautions implemented are a good way to protect staff and students from contracting and spreading the virus.

Correctional Center leaders say their main concern is staff and administration.

"Our students aren't going to give it to other kids, until our staff members introduce it to our facility, because they're coming and going every day," said YCC Director Tim Tausend, director of YCC.

The facility has suspended all off campus activities, in-person visits and screens all staff members coming onto the campus.

"At wake up we do a temperature check on all of our kids and upon them going to bed FOR night we also take their temperature," said Tausend.

Classes are made up of students who live in the same building, to prevent them from coming into contact with others in different living units.

"We have assigned our teaching staff to do more team teaching with respected population instead of working with all the kids,” said Tausend.

Leaders say they're confident in the changes and no one in the facility has tested positive or shown symptoms.

The Director of YCC says juveniles will continue to be discharged if they don't have symptoms and their sentence is over.

There has been no time set on how long DOCR facilities will suspend their inmate intakes.