Young women learn to become rodeo royalty

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BISMARCK, ND - One of the ways North Dakotans celebrate their rich Midwestern heritage is through events like the Rodeo, and Rodeo Pageantry.

Some young women were learning how to use brain and beauty to win.

Seventeen young ladies and their families are learning what it takes to be rodeo royalty.The instructor's for the class are all veterans of rodeo pageantry, Including four former Miss Rodeo North Dakotas.

"I never really was a tomboy. I always loved dressing up and doing hair and makeup, and luckily the Rodeo Queen world combines those. So you can be tough like the boys and rope and ride, and haul square bales, and help your dad clean out grain bins, but then you can also be really pretty put on makeup, wear nice dresses, and it taught me so much," said Codi Miller, Miss Rodeo North Dakota 2014.

Participants in the seminar come from North and South Dakota as well as some from Iowa and Colorado.

"We have a good reputation at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant of being a strong contender, and the breadth and depth of the instructors that we put forth, that ladies from other states could see that they were going to get a good education and exposed to a range of experience," said Ellen Huber, the Seminar Coordinator.

These young women from ages nine through twenty-two are learning about carrying themselves with confidence, public speaking, and other skills that will help them not only in rodeo, but throughout their lives. For now though, they will be using this education to compete for the titles of rodeo princess or rodeo queen.

"I just want to give back to these young women and let them know, they are powerful, they are strong, they're beautiful.They have that western heritage that they can really share with the world," said Miller.

Becoming a Rodeo Queen is an honor, but it is also a job, and classes like this help prepare women to better represent their communities.

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