Young entrepreneurs learn business skills on Lemonade Day 2019

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Summer days call for ice cold lemonade, and if you were in Bismarck and Mandan you had your choice of lemonade from 50 different lemonade stands, each one run by a young entrepreneur and their family.

Lemonade Day has children and families raising money for causes close to their hearts.

"We're going to split half of it between us who are running it, and we're going to give half to the DJW Life Project," said Peyton Avard, young entrepreneur.
"We're donating it to Brave the Shave because my friend, his brother passed away," said Ethan Johnson, stand operator.

The event helps the kids learn about running a business, as they serve snacks to and refreshments to customers across the city.

"Me and my mom were working on what stuff we should have, what the prices were, and what the name was, and we did posters and came up with these ideas. Our name is Summer Flavor Lemonade, and it was very fun decorating the posters," said Lily Avard, Public Relations.

As part of the event a VIP tour of local celebrities and business owners makes an effort to support every stand. KFYR's Emmeline Ivy and Jacob Notermann were out making the rounds with the group and joining in the fun.

"We make these kids feel like rockstars! We visit them, we hit them with 20 plus people, and all the love you can give to a young entrepreneurs in Bismarck-Mandan to make them be successful and hit their goals," said David Leingang, Lemonade Day Organizer.

Leingang says that though they've had about the same number of stands every year, participation has been on the rise. From 350 kids the first year, to more than 560 this year.

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