Young Bismarck woman with COVID-19 wants others to flatten the curve

BISMARCK, N.D. A Bismarck woman infected with coronavirus is urging other young people to take the illness seriously.

As cities across America continue to issue stay at home orders, more than 415,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed and according to John Hopkins University, more than 53-thousand cases here in the United States.

"On Wednesday [March] 18th, I found out that I tested positive for COVID-19," said COVID-19 patient, Alicia Rich.

One young Bismarck woman with coronavirus is putting out a plea for her generation to take action after seeing large groups gathering at parks and beaches.

"One night after seeing a lot of those pictures and videos from spring break and all that kind of stuff. I finally just- I don't know, it just felt right. It felt like it was the right thing to do to try and get the message out," said Rich.

Rich isn't 100 percent sure where she got the virus from but suspects her job at the Bismarck Airport may have played a role.

"I just want people to know and realize and understand that you are not invincible...but that doesn't mean that you won't get it and that doesn't mean that you could spread it to someone," said Rich.

The North Dakota Department of Health has been working to reach out to people she had contact with.

Rich has a mild case of coronavirus.

"How's quarantine going for you ma?" said Rich. "Great"

But her family doesn't plan to leave the house until she's symptom free for 14 days.