World's number one bull, world champion bull rider to throwdown at Mandan Rodeo Days

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MANDAN, N.D. - Mandan Rodeo Days has been going on for 138 years, but this year, fans will get to see something extra special.

It's not every day you get a chance to watch the number one bull in the world try and buck a world champion bull rider, but the folks in Mandan will get just that Saturday night.

The grand stand, might be empty now, but come Saturday things may get a little crazy.

"You come to Mandan and it's going to be wild," said Matt Tarr, rodeo clown.

"This is my wrangler national finals in Mandan, North Dakota," said Tim Fuller, Rodeo Announcer.

Tim Fuller has been announcing Mandan Rodeo for the last 10 years and says there's nothing like it.

"They get to stomping their feet on those bleachers and they absolutely love me to ask them for a little thunder," said Fuller.

And what better to get a crowd worked up, than some home grown flavor.

"I do events all over the United States and this one means the most to me. I was born in Mandan, raised in Mandan, never left and never will," Chad Berger, Berger’s Bucking Bulls.

When Chad Berger's Bulls hit the ring, you better take cover.

This barrel is more than just a prop, it's double padded to protect rodeo clowns in case a bull for them.

"You're going to get hit, this thing I've had a bull stick it's leg in inside the barrel while I was in it," said Tarr.

Saturday night will feature what some are calling a match up for the ages. World Champion rider Sage Kimzey will take on Berger's prize, Pearl Harbor.

“He's the number one bull in the world right now, he's so athletic, so quick. He would just as soon run you over and kick you in the teeth," said Berger.

Fuller says it’s the matchup of the decade in Mandan, and he's putting his money on they cowboy.

"Pearl Harbor's one of many, and I'll go out on a limb right now and say Sage Kimzey will ride, will ride Pearl Harbor right here in Mandan, North Dakota Saturday night," said Fuller

If Kimzey can successfully ride Pearl Harbor, he'll be in line for extra $20,000 in prize money, in addition to any other cash he may take home out of the $123,000 that’s up for grabs.