Worksite Wellness Summit Encourages Businesses to Incorporate Healthy Work Habits

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BISMARCK, ND - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota held their 10th annual Worksite Wellness Summit Tuesday at Bismarck State College.

At the summit, two keynote speakers spoke to a crowd of business owners and employees across eastern North Dakota, about embracing a culture of mental and physical well-being at work. Darla Schafer, manager at Flasher Community Credit Union, says she attended the event because her company thinks it's important to keep their employees’ mental health in good condition.

Jacinta Riedinger, the manager of Wellness Services at Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Darla Schafer, an attendee, talked about how mental well-being is a key role in a healthy workplace.

"We're in a small rural community and dealing with a lot of farmers, the stress level has really increased for them," says Schafer, manager at Flasher Community Credit Union.

"If we're physically well and emotionally well, we'll be good employees, productive, and just do better all-around in the workplace," Riedinger says.

If you’re a business owner or employee looking to incorporate healthy habits into your workplace, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be holding a wellness workshop on Thursday, July 30th designed to help kickstart a program to help with those needs.

You can visit to register or learn more.