Work resumes at site of new Trinity Hospital

Construction work on Trinity Health’s new hospital campus in southwest Minot has partially resumed, just over a month after a series of propane tank fires and explosions shut down the site.

A spokesperson for Trinity says work resumed Friday, April 26. Part of the site impacted by the fire is still restricted, but workers have picked up again on other parts of the project.

They say engineers and investigators were on scene the week of April 15 and will do extensive testing of the steel structure in the coming weeks. Insurance investigators are determining the cost of the damage.

Investigators determined that the March 22 incident was caused by movement of the propane tanks due to ground thaw, which caused the gas to leak, and eventually ignite.

Here is the full statement from Trinity Health:

Construction on Trinity Health's new healthcare campus and medical district has resumed, effective Friday, April 26. While a portion of the site that was directly impacted by the fire is still restricted, construction activities will involve other facets of the project.

The Minot Fire Marshal had determined that the fire resulted from propane tanks reportedly leaking and eventually igniting. Structural engineers, insurance investigators, and fire officials were on site the week of April 15 assessing the situation. We expect extensive testing to be conducted on the steel structure in coming weeks. In the meantime, insurance investigators will continue to evaluate all factors in this event; a working plan and cost estimates will result from these assessments.

Trinity Health is grateful for the hard work and expertise contributed by each of these professionals during this investigation, so we can safely resume this important project. Until all assessments have been completed, Trinity Health is unable to predict the impact on the project's timeline, but we expect to get more details in the coming weeks.

We are all excited and look forward to this state-of-the-art healthcare campus and medical district serving Minot and the entire region.

The day before the incident, a worker was hospitalized after falling down an elevator shaft in a separate, unrelated incident, prompting work on the site to shut down and OSHA to investigate.