Woodturning on display at Norsk Hostfest

Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 7:40 PM CDT
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On display at the Hostfest is traditional handmade artistry.

Passersby get stopped in their tracks when Phil Holtan works on his craft.

"Seeing the wood work and somebody at it. Something I have always kind of wanted to do and haven't gotten it there yet,” said Marshall Karges, a Hostfest visitor.

Karges says wood carving isn't something he sees very often so it was a treat watching Phil who has been mastering this art for 40 years.

"It certainly goes back to my Norwegian heritage which is a love of wood and quirky wood. Not straight grain stuff but weird grain is part of the wood culture in Northern Europe and Norway,” said Holtan.

No one piece is the same.

"About four thousand year old craft this is. Some people say this is the oldest power tool because the first ones. You know your brother in-law would spin it for you but you didn't have to carve it by hand it could go much faster,” said Holtan.

Holtan says his favorite piece is the one he is working on but made sure to show off some of the more unique creations like his take on the Kransekake.

"This is my own design. I cut it out of one piece of wood. But it tells the story about we wish that someone's marriage and relationship would never ending like a ring, never ending like an ever green tree,” said Holtan.

Caring on traditions that spans generations.

Holtan's wood turning booth is in the artisan village. He will be hand carving pieces throughout Hostfest.