Woodhouse to add beer to menu

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BISMARCK After nearly 50 years of serving Bismarck, the Woodhouse is adding beer to its menu. The owner went before the city commission last night to get the license.

Customers have been eating burgers here since 1969. Daniel Vondrachek II, the relatively new owner of the Woodhouse, says the move to add beer as an option with meals gives patrons more choices.

"We'll have more options for them, for people who choose to partake, and those who don't won't notice a change at all in the Woodhouse other than perhaps a beer on the neighboring table," said Vondrachek.

Customers in the restaurant didn't mind the move.

"Years ago, it wasn't really the thing and now as time goes on, they're kind of getting with the times, as all the other hamburger places that serve beer as well so. I always say Woodhouse has some of the best burgers in town, so it'd be good to have a beer with it now and then," said Greg Jones, customer.

Vondrachek hopes to have made the change by midsummer at the latest.

"Remaining stagnant just isn't going to work for any business, I believe, and we need to carefully innovate and bring in our past and keep everyone with us who are loyal fans," said Vondrachek.

Vondrachek wants to respect the history of the restaurant, which officially turns 50 this summer.