Women United 'Girl Power Pack' Project for Minot Area Girls

MINOT, N.D.- Last year, Women United started the "Girl Power Pack" Project, sending out 500 care packages to schools filled with much needed personal care items for girls.

This year, that number doubled.

One thousand Girl Power Packs were sent out to 28 schools.

To start the process, Women United sent a survey to schools in Minot and the surrounding areas, asking them of their needs.

Next, they put together the Girl Power Packs to help fulfill those needs.

The packs are filled with care items such as feminine products, deodorant, little encouraging notes and an assortment of other things to help alleviate some stress as the girls grow up.

Women United says they plan on the program continuing to grow in years to come.

"We constantly are looking for projects and how we can give back to the community and how we can help. How we can help families, women, children and so we sent out a survey and asked them what kind of things is it that you need and then we went based off their needs," said Karla Paurus, the Women United Board Treasurer. ​

The schools distribute the Girl Power Packs differently, but they are there when they are needed.

Paurus says if schools have other ideas on ways to expand, Women United would love to hear what they have in mind.