Woman pulls knife on Walmart employee

BISMARCK, N.D. - A 25-year-old woman is behind bars after trying to pull a knife on a Walmart employee Friday.

According to Bismarck Police, Summer Desjarlais went up to the North Walmart employee while he was in the parking lot working.

The victim said she kept asking him if he knew her, but he didn’t.

Officers said Desjarlais then pulled out a small folding knife and the man went inside the store.

The Bismarck Police Department the victim did not see the blade of the knife.

Police were able to locate her at the Wingate hotel parking lot.

Desjarlais had the knife in her right coat pocket, multiple baggies which police believed to contain meth and two used syringes.

She was charged with terrorizing against an adult and possession of a control substance- meth.