Wishek residents say 93 years of sauerkraut still isn’t old

Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 9:10 PM CDT
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The second Wednesday in October has become a de facto holiday in southern North Dakota. Wednesday was Sauerkraut Day in Wishek. For 93 years, thousands have made the trip to the small town for treats and tradition.

Want to live a long life? Wishek residents say the secret is sauerkraut.

"I'm 86 and I hope I can eat this again next year and the year after,” said Maude Fiechtner.

"Is it sauerkraut that keeps you going?" asked on attendee. "It helps,” said another.

A snowy forecast couldn't stop more than a thousand hungry people from coming out and having a plate.

"I haven't missed one in 60 years,” said Fiechtner.

And if people got full in one sitting?

"One hundred and fourteen gallons of sauerkraut, roughly 200 pounds of bacon and 500 pounds of Cloverdale weiners,” said Patrick Wanner, who helped make batches of sauerkraut.

They could take a "to go" container for later. Food was only half the reason people came out.

"There's been some change in venue, change in people definitely. But we've made a lot of friends along the way,” said Wanner.

And one reason why they'll keep coming back.

Next year's Sauerkraut Day will be on Oct. 9, rain or shine.