Winter storm keeps Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe busy

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe just opened up three days ago on North 23rd Street in Bismarck.

With the winter storm, they've been busy serving hot soup and sandwiches to the homeless.

Mark Meier, the executive director of the soup cafe said once the roads get cleared, the elderly and the working poor will come down and enjoy a meal.

Once they get shoveled out, it'll make businesses busier.

"When we operated for six years out of our old location, one thing we could count on was the beginning of the month was a lot slower than the end of the month. As people run out of money, out of food stamps, that sort of thing," said Mark Meier, executive director of the Soup Café.

The cafe has been serving about a hundred people a day.

If you'd like to donate or help volunteer, you can search Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe on Facebook.