Winter market takes place at UTTC

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Winter Market at UTTC gives local vendors a place to go once it's too cold for Bismarket, artists like Shawna Fricke.

Shawna is a graduate from the Institute of American Indian Arts. She makes bead necklaces, decorated shells, and her big seller, Christmas Tree bulbs. Shawna has been selling the bulbs for years and the Winter Market at UTTC is one of her favorite shows for it. We asked her what inspires her art.

"My tribe, my culture. I'm Paiute and then being here, my husband is Arikara so I get influenced by the plains. The designs and the people," said Shawna Fricke, an artist at the show.

The next Winter Market is teaming up with Urban Harvest for a special event on Dec. 16.