Winter car safety tips

MINOT, N.D. - The storm may be tapering off, but many of the roads around town are still under snow.

A winter storm can cause a lot of problems, including breaking off your windshield wipers. There's a lot of things you can do to in order to prepare yourself for driving safely.

Winter weather can do a number on your car before you even get into the driver seat. That's why Tires Plus store manager Kevin Weber encourages drivers to keep up maintenance.

"You want to use a snow brush, clean all the snow off your vehicles. Get it off your windshields then go ahead and use your wipers. Keep all your windows clean so your visibility is there. Keep plenty of gas in your vehicles so you don't get stranded," Weber said.

After a big snow storm like the one we've had, the road ways get slick.

"In the conditions of the road, they will actually hit a curb, slide off the road, get stuck. And usually it's suspension damage to the vehicle. Or we will see flat tires because they've run over something," Weber said.

Minot Public Works lays salt to counter slippery roads, but the downside is that salt is corrosive and can damage the underbelly of a car.

"I would just tell people that you know wash your vehicle when you're done. If you've driven in a lot of this, get it through a car wash. That will wash off. There will be no effects after that if you keep your vehicle clean," Weber said.

Weber recommends using a car wash rather than doing it yourself. He says throwing hot water on a car that has been sitting outside could crack the windshield.

Another good piece of advice is to make sure that your tires are properly inflated so they can handle the roadway.