Winter activities in and around the Magic City

MINOT, N.D. - We all know summer and fall brings the State Fair and Norsk HostFest, but what about these long winter months.

Sometimes it may seem like there is not that much to do. Our reporter spoke with Visit Minot today and they say it’s quite the opposite.

"People certainly come in during the winter months to go ice fishing. North Dakota has great Ice Fishing in several of our lakes including lakes that are very close to Minot. So we do see people come in and travel so that they can go to those lakes and catch some Walleye and see what they can bring home in the winter months as atrophy fish,” said Rianne Kuhn, the Visit Minot director of marketing and communications.

On top of ice fishing there are so many other things to do. Rianne says if you want to stay indoors there is the Escape Room, High Air Ground, and the Putt District. On the warmer winter days the Park District has sledding and cross country skiing.

You can even skate the Souris River.

Visit Minot posts more than 300 events a month on their page. You can find Visit Minot on Facebook at or their website