Winter Special Olympics a family affair

BOTTINEAU, N.D.- For cross-country skier Dave Johs, this was the day he had trained for.

"Racing against two friends of mine here from Special Olympics in Bismarck,” said Johs.

For others, like David Schmidt and his son Jim, the games aren't just a competition, they're a tradition.

When we asked Jim about who taught him to ski, he simply responded “my dad.”

Jim competed in the 100 meter cross country event, coached by his father, David.

"I'm a coach for the Cass County Special Olympics Cross Country and Snow-shoeing Group," said David.

Jim shares his coach with his other teammates, but his time with his dad on the slopes is very special.

"Well Jim's been in Special Olympics, oh gosh, almost thirty years, since he was about 9 years old and he’s 42 now," said David.

Jim says that none of his years in Special Olympics were about where he placed, but being able to spend time with his parents.

"He’s just excited he accomplished what he started out for," David said.

When the games come to a close, there are no losers, only competitors, winners and Olympians.