Wilton girl to perform at Carnegie Hall

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WILTON, N.D. - Plenty of performers dream of making it to the Big Apple.

For some it is Broadway, others may dream of a more of a Black Tie Affair.

That dream has come true for a Wilton girl.

One choir student will soon be singing "To New York I Go."

Kendra Schill, a senior at Wilton High School, was just accepted to perform at Carnegie Hall in February.

“And it came to the day and I was like 'I didn't get in' because I didn't get an email, but it got sent to my mom’s email and so she sent it to me right away in the morning, and I found it, and I screamed, and I cried and I was just so excited,” said Kendra Schill, senior.

Kendra has always been tuned into the arts.

“Since I was really little I've always really liked music. My grandma before she passed away had always told me that I could sing and she passed away from cancer when I was like a second grader,” said Schill.

Her grandfather is supportive too, giving her a piano as a graduation present.

Kendra also teaches piano and voice lessons.

“Kendra has this personality and this kindness about her that just spreads, and she brings that emotion into her singing. You can tell when she's singing that she is emotionally invested in her music,” said Elizabeth Haugen, Wilton High School music teacher.

And Kendra's classmates wish nothing but the best for her at Carnegie.

Saturday Kendra will be performing at Wing Public School from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for Santa Day.