Williston's housing market holds steady

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WILLISTON, N.D. - If you're looking into buying a home in Williston, you're in luck, depending on what you want to spend.

"It is busy, could we use some more inventory, yes. Everybody tends to be around that 250 to 350 price range," said Chelsey Melby, Basin Brokers Real Estate agent.

The housing market is steady during the summer months. Right now there are 138 listings.

"Usually around Spring time we see it get busy people want to list their houses and a lot of people want to list and then buy a new one if they want to stay in town and it always seems to slow down a little bit towards the holiday season," said Melby.

For those looking to sell, don't over price.

"If they are priced right for the square footage in the area a lot of times they will go as fast as 24 hours. If you see a housed that's overpriced it will sit probably 90 to 180 days," said Melby.

With so many homes available, Melby says buyers can afford to be a little picky.