Williston's annual event E-Race the E-Waste kicks off

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It's a growing problem for those want to recycle old technology, but with Earth day just around the corner, the process got a little easier.

"What we're doing is were collecting like old computers, Pads, Gameboys, VCRs anything electronic, says Stephanie Oyloe, Admin. Assistant for North Dakota Recycling."

The event brought awareness about recycling while locals dropped off items that's no longer needed. Organizers encourage the community to drop off whatever they can, except CRT television monitors which is against EPA regulations.

"What they've been doing in the past wasn't working or isn't effective and so at this point you have to hang on to them," says Oyloe.

A friendly BBQ was prepped for locals to come together for the event. And with containers quickly filling up, volunteers work hard to save our planet Earth.

"What will happen is we will stack them in these ocean containers and then they come in and work with us to palletize it separate them into the different bins then they will take it to the recycling facility and make sure to get it recycled," says Joe Pfalzgraf, Safety Coordinator--Chamley Pipe & Salvage.

Electronics that contain hazardous material are often seen in our water supply.

"Improper disposal leaves toxins that leak into the ground which leaks into the water and inevitably comes back to either the animals are eating it or we're eating it or somehow so were poisoning ourselves," says Oyloe.

But although toxic chemicals appear in our water system, it's important to know reusing and recycling all items, makes the environment clean for our community.

North Dakota Recycling Services will continue to collect E-waste tomorrow from 10am to 2 p-m. A 5-k run will also be held with registration starting at 9am and the race starting at 10