Williston's Heartbreakers has liquor license revoked

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Liquor licenses were on the agenda Tuesday night during the Williston City Commission meeting.

Commissioners made the decision to revoke the liquor license of Heartbreakers. City Attorney Taylor Olson said Heartbreakers, located south of Main Street, was a hot spot for police calls. She gave commissioners a packet of call reports, mostly involving assaults and fights. Attorney for Heartbreakers, Greg Hennessy, claims he was not given the same packet.

"We went back and recounted today as to what was in the packet that we were given as opposed to the packet that she handed out to the commissioners, which she did not, despite my request at the time, we still haven't gotten a copy of what the commissioners were given," said Hennessy.

The city says its main concern is the safety of the community, and they feel Heartbreakers has been a problem for a long time. The commissioners voted to revoke the bar's liquor license, but Hennessy wants to review the contents in the packet and he's hopeful the city will revisit the liquor license issue.

"We've got to get to the bottom of what the facts are, and then maybe when things have cooled down a little bit, we could revisit it. Otherwise, the only other option we've got is district court," said Hennessy.

Another Williston bar, The Shop, had their liquor license suspended for one week due to an issue with their liquor license application.