Williston woman charged with child abuse, drug possession

WILLISTON, N.D. - An intoxicated woman at Applebee's in Williston needed some prompting from law enforcement to pay her tab, but it was what law enforcement found at her home that got her arrested.

Williston police say they responded to a call at Applebee's Sunday evening, where 24 year-old Loralee Waxcha Smith was confused and uncooperative when asked to pay her bar tab.

She did eventually pay, and police gave her a courtesy ride home.

At her home, police say they found three boys, ages eight, seven and four alone. Police say the 4-year-old had dried blood on his forehead, back and neck, and multiple cuts and red marks over his face and body.

The older boys also had cuts and bruises.

Police say they executed a search warrant, finding marijuana, smoking devices, and a bottle containing suspected real or artificial urine.

Smith has been charged with two felony counts of child abuse, and four misdemeanors for drug possession and fraudulent practice in urine testing.

Her bond has not yet been set.