Williston woman arrested for assaulting police officer and two deputies

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BOWMAN, N.D. - A Williston woman accused of assaulting a police officer and two deputies has been charged.

Court documents say Bowman Police responded to Windy's Bar and Pizza in Bowman on Wednesday evening for an assault report.

When police arrived they found the victim with a red mark on her cheek. The victim pointed to her attacker who police identified as 34-year-old Lecie Despain.

Documents say police detained Despain for the assault. While Despain was in restraints she started to become agitated and started verbally abusing the officer.

Police say Despain pushed and kicked an officer in the shin and inner thigh. The officer called for backup and a Bowman County Deputy responded.

Once the deputy arrived on scene they escorted Despain to the deputies car, as they were doing that she kicked the deputy and spat in his face.

Despain was taken to Southwest Healthcare Services to be medically evaluated and while there, she kicked two deputies.

Despain is charged with preventing arrest or discharge of other duties, four counts of simple assault on a peace office or correctional officer, one count of contact by bodily fluids and simple assault.