Williston students hold mock election between farmer, duck

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WILLISTON, ND - While you have to be 18 to vote in Thursday's election, that hasn't stopped some Williston students from getting into the spirit.

Students at Rickard Elementary school conducted a mock election. Kindergarten through second graders got to choose between a farmer and a duck, while the older children chose between the presidential candidates.

"Our little kids are just, we think they probably don't have enough knowledge to vote the real election, we want to make it a little more real for them and at their ability levels," said Andrea Finders, first-grade teacher .

"Voting is a rite of passage in America, and I think there are so many other places that you don't get to vote. This is a chance for them to experience it and hopefully later in life know the privilege we do have here in the United States," said Rickard Elementary School principal Kevin Klassen.

The Duck emerged victorious with nearly 80 percent of the vote. Donald Trump received an even higher margin of victory among the older kids.