Williston says goodbye to Salvation Army Captains who served community during Boom

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During Williston's oil boom, two members of the Salvation Army helped those who came with no money, nothing to eat, and nowhere to stay. And now, they're moving on.

Captains Joshua and Rhegan Stansbury saw Williston change a lot over the last five years.

"So when we got here, the boom was taking off, and we saw a huge influx. And then the last couple years, we saw the slowdown and so we were here from the peak of the boom to the slowdown of the boom. So we got to experience that and how it affects us," says Capt. Joshua Stansbury, Salvation Army.

Now, their time here is ending. They are being transferred to Springfield, Illinois.

"We're going into a building project, so we're not slowing down at all, we're hitting the ground running. And so looking forward to being able to go in there and institute some programming. My wife and I are passionate about programming," says Stansbury.

People here say they will miss them.

"They're kind of everywhere. They're hard workers and you see them involved in many, many things in the community besides what you would think about for just the Salvation Army." says Debbie Richter, community member.

They say they are excited for a new adventure in a new state.

"There's lots of opportunities there, and we're close to a lot of things, other big cities, and things that will be fun for the kids especially," says Capt. Rhegan Stansbury, Salvation Army.

But they leave Williston with a heavy heart.

"Just thank you to the community and thank you to Williston for embracing us, embracing our family. Know that we're going to miss you. We love you," says J. Stansbury.

Several people showed up to show their love for two people who made up a vital part of the community.

Another married couple will take their places in the next few weeks.