Williston resident hopes to showcase invention in competition

Published: Apr. 10, 2017 at 12:18 PM CDT
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When Pat Young created the Pat Loc System he didn't know his idea would take him this far. The system is the only product that allows a worker to stand outside of an well's safety fence.

"Kind of drew up a drawing and had to really make tools before I could actually build the product you know for measurements and angles and all that. Once that was done, we built the first prototype and it kind of just came together from there," said Patrick Young-Greg's Welding Field Supervisor.

Before the Pat-Loc was invented, the process of engaging and disengaging the pawl from the ground was no easy task. Workers would sometimes crawl on top of the pumping unit and would use a hammer to place the unit.

"You had to try to beat it in place, then of course the knobs never lined up. So then you have to roll the weights to line the drum up with the pawl of the dog," said Young.

With the system saving so much time and potentially lives, Young didn't hesitate on entering in this year's investor's competition.

"It helps out contractors, it helps out employers and no one wants to get hurt," said Young.

Young also says he's looking forward to showcasing his device. If he wins the cash prize, he plans to use it towards his business.

"Legal fees, patent fees, because it gets expensive and the paperwork part is very expensive so it's good to have that contest," said Young.