Williston police search for 2 men involved in ATM skimming scheme

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Williston, N.D. - The Williston Police Department is looking for two men in connection with a ATM skimming scheme.

The Department says 39-year-old Martin Sergienkov and another man placed skimming devices and cameras at an ATM at the First National Bank and Trust.

An active warrant is out for Sergienkov, and one is expected to be filed for the other man. They face felony B charges of unlawful skimming and conspiracy to commit unlawful skimming. Police say more than 100 cards were potentially compromised.

However, the bank has taken steps to counteract the information and there have been no reports of missing money from accounts.

"The staff there has shut down all the cards, has supplied their customers with new cards, and they have also alerted the other customers of different banks, different financial institutions, to also protect other customers who have used that ATM," said Williton Police Lt. Detective Jacob Gregory.

Gregory says there are several ways you can protect your financial information. First, cover up your pin number when typing it into an A-T-M. Even if there is no one behind you. Look at where you put the credit card in. If the housing appears to be loose, there is possibly a skimmer over the top of the card slot. If you notice anything suspicious, be sure to bring it to the attention of staff from the bank.