Williston photographer captures precious moments for newborns, families

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This year, records are being set when it comes to newborns in Williston. More and more parents are wanting to capture the early stages of their children.

For Erin Vournas, photographing a newborn is an experience she can’t replicate with any other age group.

“They are very poseable at that age and still very sleepy," says Vournas.

Today she is photographing Chloe, who is a little more than a week old, in her downtown Williston location. Vournas hasn’t always been a photographer. Six years ago she worked as a pediatric therapist. Capturing precious moments led to a new trade.

“When our kids were little, I started taking pictures. Then my friends started having me take pictures and I started growing my business," says Vournas.

The trend for newborn photography is growing. Vournas says she photographs about three to four newborns a week.

“I have never had a photographer get us pictures back so quickly," says Kayla Dees, mother of two.

Kayla Dees is Chloe’s mother. This is the second baby she is having photographed. She values Vournas’ persistence.

“She is very patient, especially with the newborns. Last year for our family pictures, my son was about a year and a half and he was not having a good evening. But she was very patient with him," says Dees.

It has been a little more than three years since Vournas started photographing newborns. She hopes to provide memories for a lifetime.

Vournas says the best time to photography newborns is between 6 and 12 days old.