Williston mayor, city administrator to speak with White House administrators

Photo: Pixabay
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WILLISTON, N.D. - At first, Williston's Mayor Howard Klug thought it was a joke, but it's very real. Klug and City Administrator David Tuan are invited to Washington to speak with White House administrators about northwestern North Dakota.

The meeting is set up by the North Dakota League of Cities and the White House administration. Washington wants to be updated on the things happening in different states, specifically in their regions. Klug believes Williston is the heart of the Bakken because of crop production, energy independence and the contribution to 1.2 million barrels of oil a day.

"It gives us here in western North Dakota a chance to talk about ag, and talk about energy and talk about those other things that are important to us," said Klug.

Klug also says that North Dakota has a significant role in improving the country because of the exportation of oil to other countries. This helps with negotiating with countries across the globe.

"You think of North Dakota of 700,000 plus people being a small player but we're a pretty major player in the overall scheme of what's going on in this country and globally too because of our energy and ag," Klug.

The meeting in Washington is set to take place Aug. 30.