Williston man sentenced for threatening to kill 100 people in God-inspired hit list

A Williston man was sentenced to five years in the State Penitentiary for threatening to kill more than 100 people in a hit-list he says was inspired by God, according to the Williston Police Department.

Prosecutors charged 55-year-old Greg Allan Boe with threatening public servants last November.

Boe listed the names of people in law firms, judicial chambers, and local schools that he said he was going to kill.

Police say Boe sent the death threats to the State’s Attorney’s office while he was incarcerated for a previous terrorizing felony, and was marking the letters as legal mail so officers would not check them.

The judge said there was nothing to excuse or justify Boe’s conduct, and he “has not seen a case quite like this before as far as your clear intent is concerned. I believe you are a significant danger to the community and those individuals.”

Boe has a jury trial on Sept. 23 for adding more than 60 names to his hit list in another letter. Court documents show he chose to represent himself in both cases.