Williston jury finds Omar Toure guilty on 5 counts in kidnapping incident

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WILLISTON, ND - A jury in Williston has found an Ohio man guilty on five felony counts and not guilty on two counts from a kidnapping incident that took place last year.

Omar Toure took the stand in his defense Friday, but it wasn’t enough to change the jury’s mind.

Prosecutors say 40 year old Omar Toure ordered his former girlfriend to get into his car from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Williston. They say he was armed with a knife. Prosecutors say he was arrested when the police pulled him over in Sidney.

“Even the defense is saying, she didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to go at that time. Yet they have you believe this is voluntary. If this was voluntary, why did he need to bring that (knife),” said Nathan Madden, Williams County assistant state’s attorney.

Toure told the jury that his ex-girlfriend had asked him to come from Ohio to pick her up. He says he did not threaten her.

Defense attorney Kevin McCabe said: “He came to here to North Dakota to get his wife/fiancée, he wanted her to go back. He wasn’t coming to intend to harm, he didn’t do that.”

The jury found Toure guilty on kidnapping, aggravated assault, two counts of terrorizing and reckless endangerment. He was found not guilty on reckless endangerment and terrorizing.

“What he said about what Ms. Robinson was trying to get him to do with this knife various times, ‘throw the knife out, throw the knife out, please.’ You can say ladies and gentlemen that it didn’t get thrown out, it’s got blood on it,” said Madden.

Judge Nelson will order a pre-sentence investigation before Toure is sentenced.