Williston is being nominated for $20,000 grant

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston is proudly being nominated to be part of a program that revitalizes local parks across the U.S.

The campaign sponsors are top notch supporters like Walt Disney, ABC television and ESPN.

"They have a competition it's called "Meet me At the Park" so it's a contest for affiliate cities all across the country," said Rachel Richter, marketing coordinator for Williston Rec Center.

A $20,000 grant is up for grabs in this competition. And though other cities are competing for the cash, coordinators are hopeful Williston can come up on top.

"The winning cities from last year were all pretty big cities so I'm guessing that it's going to have to be a pretty good amount, but if people vote everyday those will add up pretty quickly," said Richter.

This is the first time Williston is being nominated for this campaign and it's actually for a good cause. If Williston wins all proceeds will be forwarded to outdoor equipment here at Spring Lake Park.

“There’s a little lake there some playgrounds and it's really a good spot for family activities in the Summer, but what we would like to do is just be able to offer more out there especially in water sports," said Richter.

Coming together to better the community is a quality Williston is known for.

Though every city can't win the grand prize, organizers are still grateful to be a part of the process.

"Williston Parks and Rec always gets a lot of support from our community and we appreciate it so much so we would love to see that same support here in this contest," says Richter. Residents have until April 30th to nominate Williston.

You can nominate Williston for the "Meet me at the Park" grant online at NRPA.org/BeInspired.