Williston Women's Expo inspires empowerment, leadership

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Hillary Clinton has made history becoming the first female to be a presidential nominee for a major political party. Many women in Williston are hoping to follow her lead and blaze new trails for women in the community.

Around 100 ladies came out for the Third Annual Women in Leadership Expo Thursday in Williston.

"Eventually, one day, I'd like to own my own business or run a business, so I thought it would be beneficial," says Mariah Bates, participant.

The day featured eight speakers covering a variety of topics ranging from health and wellness to politics.

"I was excited by the opportunity to share my experiences and hopefully encourage a few other women to consider running for politics," says Kylie Oversen Chair, ND Democratic-NPL Party.

With few opportunities for women in the area like this one, the expo provides and important need.

"I think that the community doesn't really have many outlets for women. You know, we have the local Williston Women's Network Program here, but this has kind of been a kickoff from that," says Shanna Curlin, Expo Organizer.

Many would like to see more events like the expo.

"I think if we can get groups like this going all across the state where we bring, particularly women, together and have conversations on how we improve ourselves and improve our communities, the state would be a much better place," says Oversen.

And the event promotes empowerment in women.

"We're just as good as men. We should be in leadership, we should be doing these things. We should be able to make these decisions and make differences," says Bates.

The expo also provided opportunity for networking, and it's grown over the last three years.