Williston Vector Control District continues to fight mosquitoes

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As the Fourth of July weekend nears, the Williston Vector Control District is continuing its work on fighting mosquitoes.

Earlier this week, the Air Force helped the district with mosquito control spraying. Vector Control Director Fran Bosch says, this season is not as bad as the last few.

It’s a fight that is never ending for Williston Vector Control District. But the team continues to find ways to get ahead.

“We are science based, surveillance driven,” says Bosch.

This season’s highest trap count came earlier this month, with more than 1,000 mosquitoes found in eight different traps. The most recent trap count only captured 112 mosquitoes.

“This is my ninth season doing this, every season has been different. And it’s never without its surprises," says Bosch.

In previous years, the district only served the Williston area. This season, Vector Control is serving county-wide.

With Grenora and Alamo celebrating their centennials tomorrow, Williston Vector Control will be doing aerial spraying over the two towns.

“The larger a mosquito control district is, the more effective it is because we can reach out and go to the sources of a lot more of these problem areas,” says Bosch.

Earlier this year, the Williston Vector Control District moved into new space at the Williams County Highway Complex northwest of Williston. Bosch says his crew is able to get work done much faster.

As for this mosquito season, Bosch’s team is sticking to their plan.

“We will stay the course and we’re going to keep doing what we are doing,” says Bosch.

Bosch says residents can help the fight against mosquitoes by getting rid of their unwanted tires because it helps avoid mosquito breeding ground.

Disposable tires will be accepted at no cost on July 29 at the Williston Cleanup Day at Davidson Park.