Virtual Reality Fun Center coming to Williston

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WILLISTON, ND - Williston has a reputation of being dependent on only oil and agriculture. But a new venture in Williston is seeking to change that.

This empty room is full of dreams for Benjamin Minor.

"This room is actually part of the Harvest Plaza Development. This is where we're looking to do our build out for our VR Fun Center," said Minor.

The business venture is unlike anything Williston has ever seen.

"We're talking about fully immersive systems where you have a head unit, where you have a track pad, where you have intuitive controls that really whisk you away into a new world," said Minor.

The center will also have classic arcade games and Nintendo Wii systems for small groups.

"When we look at Williston, we see a vibrant community of professionals, families, teachers, students and avid gamers," said Minor.

While Virtual Reality technology is still in its infant stages, Minor thinks the area could become a hub for software development.

"When we think about where we want to go in the future, we want to see game developers come up here to Williston that can custom-make a better slew of games for us," said Minor

The dream begins in January when construction is expected to start. They're hoping to have the business ready by April.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help raise money for the project.