Williston Summit Counseling sees more clients during Mental Health Month

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Admitting you need professional help is half the battle for people struggling with mental health problems.

"Sometimes you just need a 3rd party perspective or 2nd party and it can be very helpful," said Brenda Owen, founder and director of Summit Counseling.

Limited treatment options is one more obstacle to overcome, but for Williston residents, there is help nearby.

"We do a lot with depression and anxiety in regards to mental health with children in trauma or abuse. We teach two levels out outpatient programming for addiction, so it’s a lot of different things we do here," said Owen.

Finding special services in the Northwest that treat addiction is especially challenging, because the nearest in-patient help center is located two hours away, in Minot.

Owen and her staff are currently working on providing a residential housing unit in McKenzie County so that those struggling to beat addictions can find treatment closer to home.

"Insurance purposes allows us to have 16 individuals in treatment at a time, so we're looking at getting that zoned appropriately to be able to open up a residential treatment unit," said Owen.

In the meantime, Summit Counseling Services has been in Williston for three years and the calendar is full.

"We currently schedule between 850 to 1,000 appointments a month so that's a significant amount of appointments," said Owen.

And it can also bring comfort with a good team at your side. Summit Counseling Services will also be expanding their facilities in Bismarck and Dickinson sometime next month.