Williston State College statue represents a World War II Airman

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 6:00 PM CST
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Self-steering bullets, laser cannons, and unmanned bombers are just some of the U.S. military’s modern-technology that would’ve sounded like science-fiction to the troops of World War II.

A statue was built in Williston to remind people how far we’ve come, and what the Veterans of past wars dealt with.

On the Williston State College campus, this statue represents a World War II Airman. An Army Veteran in Williston, Rich Vestal, donated money to have it sculpted because of his family’s sacrifices.

During WWII, his father served in the Army, and spent three years taking down Japanese soldiers in the Philippine jungles. He was shot by a sniper, fell off the truck he was on, and was run over by a Howitzer. He spent time in a field-hospital and caught malaria. Vestal wants people walking by to remember what those men went through.

Rich Vestal Donor for WWII Airman Statue: “The guys in World War II were out there with shovels digging trenches to protect themselves, calling in artillery from somewhere. They probably didn’t know where it was coming from. With the technology we got now, they can drive those bombs right down the smoke-stack of your house. It’s just a whole different way to fight a war now.”

Rich wants people who see the statue to remember that our freedom and abundant resources came at a cost.