Williston State College says goodbye, thank you to departing president

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June 29, Williston State College said goodbye and thank you to their departing president.

Doctor Ray Nadolny resigned his post on June 6 to spend time with his family on the West Coast.

Several dozen members of the community and members of the college came by to say thank you to the man that led the school through the oil boom. Nadolny will miss students the most, and some of them will miss him just as much.

"I think it's very well positioned to move forward. I think the infrastructure changes has really created many opportunities and it's all about the students and I really believe we're the best students in the world. The best spirit of students in the world," says Nadolny.
"I want to be a potential leader and I kind of pick people who I can look up to. I'm still going to have a relationship with him when he leaves, but I know it won't be as close and he was kind of the role model for me of being a leader at this college," says Eliel LaFavor, WSC sophomore.

Nadolny will be replaced by Doctor Jon Miller, who will serve as acting president until a full-time successor is chosen.