Williston Public School District 1 Superintendent plans to retire

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WILLISTON, N.D. - A day in the life of a school superintendent is a busy one and nobody knows that better than Williston's Public School Superintendent Michael Campbell. But, his decision to retire didn't come lightly.

"I respect the board's decision and I hope they respected mine that it was time for me to submit my letter of retirement," said Campbel.

After serving 37 years in education and two years as Williston School District 1 superintendent, Campbell made a tough decision to start a new beginning.

"I still have what's considered good health. I have had a few health issues this year not emergency type things or anything of that nature," said Campbell.

Campbell is behind many projects with the school district including the development of two new elementary schools. Though he's retiring, he says he'll still value students education.

"I still believe in what's right for kids so anything that I can do to help. I'm willing to do my part," said Campbell.

It's unknown who will take over as the new superintendent, but Campbell is sure they will do a great job.

"It's kind of a bittersweet decision, but on the other hand there's new adventures in life and I'm looking for a new adventure," said Campbell.

Campbell's last day as superintendent will be June 29.