Williston Planning and Zoning Committee approves new ordinance for crew camp operations in city limits

WILLISTON, N.D. - It has been a month since a federal district court judge ruled that the City of Williston did not properly adopt an ordinance that would have driven out crew camp operators.

July 29, the city's planning and zoning committee started the process again.

The committee unanimously approved ordinance 1050. The new ordinance calls for crew camp operations within the city limits to end by September 1. But operators won't need to remove their facilities until May 1, 2018, and the land must be reclaimed by August 1, 2018.

The previous ordinance failed after federal court Judge Daniel Hovland said that 20 percent of the property owners protested the ordinance. A four to one super majority was needed. The city passed the ordinance with a three to two vote.

"We just wanted it all cleaned up and to where it looks right and it’s right for everybody. And I shouldn't say that because it's not going to be right for everybody because everyone has their own reasons for things being the way they are," says Donna Hansen, Williston Planning & Zoning Committee.

The ordinance will now have to be passed twice by the city commission before it's officially adopted.