Williston 'Painted Pianos' to be auctioned off to the public

WILLISTON, N.D. - The Painted Pianos in Downtown Williston are close to playing their last tune. The weather has done a number on them, but they won't just be thrown out.

There are seven of these pianos sitting in front of local businesses on main street. They were put in place by the Downtowners Association to promote local artists, who painted them in early June. Since then, rain has made the keys swell up, and only a few are playable now. They will eventually be sold to the public.

"The goal was always the art. Get the art downtown. So, we knew eventually the weather is going to take its toll and they wont be playable anymore. said Williston Downtowners Association Executive Director, Daved Lundeen.

The Downtowners Association will hold a public auction in October. The exact date is not set yet.