Williston High School staff move final items to new building

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Today was moving day 2.0 for the new Williston High School.

While many boxes were moved in May, there were still a lot that needed to be moved.

"They've been sitting in the gym waiting for JEDunn to say 'hey, you can start moving in.' And so last week, they said 'hey, you can start moving in,' and here we are,"said Jason Germundson, Williston HIgh School Principal.

More than 170 pallets were loaded up and sent by pickup and semi truck to the new school.

"I've got goose bumps. I stopped at my office at the old high school, and I won't be back," said Germundson.

The move marks a big shift in ideas regarding the school.

"We are officially at the high school. No more 'old high school,' 'new high school,' it's, 'at the high school.' This is the high school now," said Germundson.

While the move was a major milestone in progress, there's still some work to be done before the building is completely open.

"Obviously, we're wearing hard hats. It's still a construction area. But August 8, teachers can come in and we'll be ready to go," said Germundson.

But in the race against time to be ready for the start of school, it seems teachers and officials are winning.

The first day of school is August 24.