Williston Fire Department celebrates Fire Prevention Week at new firehouse

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WILLISTON, N.D. - This week is National Fire Prevention Week, and it was a full day for those in the Williston Fire Department.

The day began with tours of the new firehouse for about half a dozen preschool and daycare classes.

"This is the best place to come for a tour. They're very accommodating. It's so good for the kids to see the firemen and not be afraid of them," says Judy Vinger, preschool teacher.

In the afternoon, the department held a class on fire extinguisher safety. Topics ranged from types of extinguishers to how to use them.

"So the hope today is that at least they'll have at least a general understanding of how they operate, and, in the event of a fire, they can use it and everything will be fine," says Tom Dickey, Williston Fire Department.

After learning the ropes, the class headed outside to test using an extinguisher for themselves. Many enjoyed the class.

"It's very worth taking. I think everyone should do it. These guys are very helpful, very knowledgeable," says Holly Shae, training participant.

Tuesday evening, the department fired up a smoke room to teach kids and parents how to escape a burning building, if needed.

"We live in a house with stairs, and I feel my kids should know the correct way to get out of the house if something were to happen," says Rebecca Grangroth, participant.

The hope is that events like these will help save lives in a worst-case scenario.

Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. will be a parade to celebrate Fire Prevention Week and the Williston Fire Department.