Williston Bread Fair

WILLISTON, N.D. - More than 600 fifth-grade students participated in the 37th Annual Bread Fair in Williston on Monday.

North Dakota is the number one producer of the three main ingredients children used to make the bread: Canola, Hard Red Spring Wheat, and Honey. Williams County Extension Agents say the main goal is to teach kids the connection between local agriculture and the food they eat.

We got a couple of fifth-graders’ takes on the billion-dollar commodity, asking them the question: "Why is farming important in North Dakota?"

Ainslen Tanner said, "Because I like foods like pasta, pizza, pop tarts, things like that, and without it I wouldn't be able to eat any of those things, because I really like them."

Grant Hartley answers, “So then we can eat bread and make it, and then everyone can experience it.”

The bread fair is one of the many events that will take place over the next few days during the National Hard Spring Wheat Show.

There will be free meals, entertainment, awards, and presentations on anything from managing financial stress to hemp production.