New Williston Basin International Airport construction update

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WILLISTON, N.D. - It's been nearly a year since crews broke ground at the Williston Basin International Airport. They've made quite a deal of progress since then.

In just a few years, this stretch of land will be occupied by airplanes, not construction equipment.

"We've been very fortunate, really not a lot of hiccups as far as the construction project has been going," said Anthony Dudas, airport manager.

Crews have been working to mass-grade the future runway and taxiway since ground broke last October.

"We did actually just open bids for our runway and taxiway. And hopefully those will begin construction either late this fall or begin immediately as soon as weather allows for construction weather early next spring," said Dudas.
As construction continues here at the site of the new Williston Basin International Airport, this 15-foot mound of dirt will be cleared away, and in its place will rise the new Sloulin Terminal.

"JEDunn will begin construction on the commercial terminal building this fall. We'll get footings in the ground, then we'll start seeing vertical construction in the spring as soon as weather allows," said Dudas.

In the last week, more than $21 million were awarded to construction from the FAA.

"The FAA has been heavily involved in this project from the beginning since it began in 2011. And we've been fortunate with our congressional delegation with a lot of support throughout this entire process," said Dudas.

Around $75 million has been awarded from the FAA so far.

The Airport is on schedule to open in the fall of 2019.